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Ahipara School, Ahipara, primary info .
Aranga School, Dargaville, primary info
Arapohue School, Dargaville, primary info
Awanui School, Awanui, contributory info
Bay of Islands College, Kawakawa, secondary info
Blomfield Special School & Resource Centre, Whangarei, special info
Bream Bay College, Ruakaka, secondary info
Broadwood Area School, Broadwood, composite info
Christian Renewal School, Whangarei, composite info
Dargaville High School, Dargaville, secondary info
Dargaville Intermediate, Dargaville, intermediate info
Dargaville Primary School, Dargaville, contributory info
Glenbervie School, Whangarei, primary info
Herekino School, Herekino, primary info
Hikurangi School, Hikurangi, primary info
Hora Hora School, Whangarei, primary info
Horeke School, Horeke, primary info
Hukerenui School Years 1-8, Whangarei, primary info
Hurupaki School, Whangarei, primary info
Kaeo School, Kaeo, primary info
Kaihu Valley School, Dargaville, primary info
Kaikohe Christian School, Kaikohe, composite info
Kaikohe East School, Kaikohe, primary info
Kaikohe Intermediate, Kaikohe, intermediate info
Kaikohe West School, Kaikohe, primary info
Kaingaroa School (Kaitaia), Kaitaia, primary info
Kaitaia Abundant Life School, Kaitaia, composite info
Kaitaia College, Kaitaia, secondary info
Kaitaia Intermediate, Kaitaia, intermediate info
Kaitaia School, Kaitaia, primary info
Kaiwaka School, Kaiwaka, primary info
Kamo Christian College, Whangarei, composite info
Kamo High School, Whangarei, secondary info
Kamo Intermediate, Whangarei, intermediate info
Kamo School, Whangarei, primary info
Karetu School, Kawakawa, primary info
Kaurihohore School, Whangarei, primary info
Kawakawa Primary School, Kawakawa, primary info
Kerikeri High School, Kerikeri, secondary info
Kerikeri Primary School, Kerikeri, primary info
Kohukohu School, Kohukohu, primary info
Kokopu School, Whangarei, primary info
Manaia View School, Whangarei, primary info
Mangakahia Area School, Whangarei, composite info
Mangamuka School, Mangamuka, primary info
Mangawhai Beach School, Mangawhai, primary info
Mangonui School, Mangonui, primary info
Maromaku School, Kawakawa, primary info
Matakohe School, Matakohe, primary info
Matarau School, Whangarei, primary info
Matauri Bay School, Matauri Bay, primary info
Matihetihe School, Kohukohu, primary info
Maungakaramea School, Maungakaramea, primary info
Maungatapere School, Maungatapere, primary info
Maungaturoto School, Maungaturoto, primary info
Maunu School, Whangarei, primary info
Moerewa School, Whangarei, composite info
Morningside School, Whangarei, primary info
Motatau School, Kawakawa, primary info
Ngataki School, Kaitaia, primary info
Ngunguru School, Ngunguru, primary info
Northland College, Kaikohe, secondary info
Northland Health Camp School, Whangarei, special info
Ohaeawai School, Kaikohe, primary info
Okaihau College, Bay Of Islands, secondary info
Okaihau School, Okaihau, primary info
Omanaia School, Kaikohe, primary info
One Tree Point School, One Tree Point, primary info
Onerahi School, Whangarei, primary info
Opononi Area School, Kaikohe, composite info
Opua School, Opua, primary info
Oromahoe School, Kaikohe, primary info
Oruaiti School, Mangonui, primary info
Otaika School, Whangarei, primary info
Otamatea Christian School, Maungaturoto, composite info (p)
Otamatea High School, Maungaturoto, secondary info
Oturu School, Kaitaia, primary info
Paihia School, Paihia, primary info
Pakaraka School, Pakaraka, primary info
Pakotai School, Whangarei, primary info
Pamapuria School, Kaitaia, contributory info
Paparoa School, Paparoa, contributory info
Paparore School, Awanui, contributory info
Parua Bay School, Whangarei, primary info
Peria School, Peria, primary info
Pompallier Catholic College, Whangarei, secondary info
Pompallier School, Kaitaia, primary info
Poroti School, Poroti, primary info
Portland School, Portland, contributory info
Pouto School, Te Kopuru, primary info
Pukenui School (Kaitaia), Kaitaia, primary info
Pukepoto School, Kaitaia, contributory info
Purua School, Whangarei, primary info
Raurimu Avenue School, Whangarei, primary info
Rawene School, Rawene, primary info
Riverview School, Kerikeri, contributory info
Ruakaka School, Ruakaka, contributory info
Ruawai College, Ruawai, secondary info
Ruawai School, Ruawai, contributory info
Russell School (Bay Of Islands), Russell, primary info
Selwyn Park School, Dargaville, contributory info
Springbank School, Kerikeri, composite info (p)
St Francis Xavier School (Whangarei), Whangarei, contributory info
St Josephs School (Dargaville), Dargaville, primary info
Taipa Area School, Taipa, composite info
Tangiteroria School, Tangiteroria, primary info
Tangowahine School, Dargaville, primary info
Tauraroa Area School, Whangarei, composite info
Tautoro School, Kaikohe, primary info
Te Hapua School, Kaitaia, primary info
Te Horo School (Whangarei), Whangarei, primary info
Te Kao School, Kaitaia, primary info
Te Kopuru School, Te Kopuru, primary info
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Kaikohe, Kaikohe, composite info
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Pukemiro, Kaitaia, primary info
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Rangiawhia, Kaitaia, primary info
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Taumarere, Moerewa, primary info
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Te Rawhiti Roa, Whangarei, composite info
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Tonga o Hokia, Whangarei, primary info
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Whangaroa, Tapui, primary info
Te Kura O Hata Maria (Pawarenga), Pawarenga, primary info
Te Kura O Hato Hohepa Te Kamura, Kaeo, primary info
Te Kura O Otangarei, Whangarei, primary info
Te Kura O Waikare, Waikare, primary info
Te Kura Taumata O Panguru, Hokianga, composite info
Te Rangi Aniwaniwa, Awanui, composite info
Te Tii School, Purerua, primary info
Tikipunga High School, Whangarei, secondary info
Tikipunga Primary School, Whangarei, contributory info
Tinopai School, Matakohe, primary info
Totara Grove School, Whangarei, contributory info
Totara North School, Totara North, contributory info
Umawera School, Umawera, contributory info
Waiharara School, Kaitaia, primary info
Waima School, Kaikohe, primary info
Waiotira School, Whangarei, contributory info
Waipu School, Waipu, contributory info
Whananaki School, Whananaki, primary info
Whangarei Adventist Christian School, Whangarei, primary info
Whangarei Boys High School, Whangarei, secondary info
Whangarei Girls High School, Whangarei, secondary info
Whangarei Heads School, Whangarei Heads, primary info
Whangarei Intermediate, Whangarei, secondary info
Whangarei School, Whangarei, primary info
Whangaroa College, Kaeo, secondary info
Whangaruru School, Whangaruru, primary info
Whau Valley School, Whangarei, primary info

Total for Northland region: 147

Sub Totals:
Contributing Primaries: 18 Full Primaries: 91
Intermediate: 4 Secondaries: 16 Composite: 16 Special: 2

Key to Schools Lists

  • Contributory Primary Schools: Years 1 to 6
  • Full Primary Schools: Years 1 to 8
  • Intermediate Schools: Years 7 to 8
  • Secondary Schools: Years 9 to 15
  • Composite Schools: All Years 1 to 15
  • Special Schools : Special Educational Needs

  • (p) = private / independent school
  • red dot  .  = picture stored


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